All the essentials in one place,

Tookan Brings All The Essentials In One Place That Helps You Spend Less Time In Organizing Your Business And More Time Delighting Your Customers And Growing Your Business.

Sharp View

In addition to making the content available to our users in Google Maps, your indoor map will also be available through the Google Maps APIs for use in your mobile applications or website.

Place to Save Time & Money

Bringg enables you to decide what is the best way to dispatch orders. If your configuration supports auto assign, a driver will automatically be assigned to incoming orders.

Build your Business

There are predefined sets of parameters according to which drivers are assigned to orders such as driver availability, distance to the pick-up/delivery, number of orders already in queue, and more.

Customers Delight

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has been more important.

Turn Insights into Actions

Business is the management and analysis of operational and technological processes that help drive businesses toward increased efficiency and streamlined operations.

Manage multitasking

Your business is unique and demands the agent to perform certain tasks simultaneously. No worries; we allow the agents to start multiple tasks and update the status as they go.

Easy customization

Customization is needed in that case, to support growth. Choose among add notes, add images or add signature among other options.

Eyes on the road

One should look for a complete solution that lets them know when and how the truck is driven and if the driver is sitting idle at a location to avoid delay.

Being punctual shows that you

Punctuality is a vital component in machinery transport for businesses who rely on getting their equipment to the right place at the right time.

Deliver more than expected

Customize the app from the dashboard and allow your agents to add unlimited notes, images and a signature if your business demands it.